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He nods at the question, but here in the dark, you can’t exactly see very well what the other was doing. But Leo could feel that the other was staring at him, “If you put it that way, then yes, I’m not from around here; I’m from Europe.” He said with a polite smile.

Should he introduce himself? It would be proper manners of him to do so but in a situation like this… He shakes his head, and smiles politely again and offers a bow. “My name is Leonardo Bistario Harway, Sir.” He looks up from his bow and straightens himself up. “It would be courteous of you to do the same, Sir.”


Now that he got a better look of the other, with auburn hair, purple jacket, and a questionable pattern for pants. It made Leo wonder…. “Pardon me for asking Sir, but what exactly is your profession, that it  would be considered ‘messy’ work?”

Ryuunosuke was a little taken back by the formal gesture. Given the company he was used to, it’d been a while since he’d associated with someone so… courteous. It made him somewhat uneasy and sheepish, and he bowed his head slightly in response.

"Man, that’s a long name. I don’t even know if I can remember that… or pronounce it." He said lightheartedly, a laugh in his voice. "Ah… Uryuu Ryuunosuke." He said quickly, as if only just remembering his own introduction.

He watched curiously as Leo looked him over, somewhat amused. Was he more used to people that walked around in fancy suits and big flowy dresses, perhaps?

He twiddled with one of his earrings upon the question he was given. How to put it… He stopped messing with his earlobe and tapped his nose playfully.

"Heh, that’s a little secret. But you could say I’m in the arts in some way…"

Well, it’s not like he was lying, exactly.

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Gilles and Ryuu [Alternate Universe RP with askuryuu


Lupus was not a happy shapeshifter, but she was at her best behavior as she flew away with the two, whenever she felt the master slipped she would merely allow the air around him to stabilize him. It was a little thing she knew how to do but it was not without a price. Once she had landed she merely returned to a human with a ‘hmph’ as she looked to the land they where in…

France was indeed a beautiful country, at least the place she made them land it, filled with forestry and greenery everywhere. Gilles was merely smiling the entire time. She was not truly his friend, but they where acquainted in more than one way. Nothing sexual, but other than that, they fought against each other, and they fought with each other. Lupus was, according to Gilles idea of Polarity, Chaotic Neutral. more Chaotic Good. she would ultimately do what was in the best interest but no one can truly understand her motives, not unless they where like Gilles.

“I’m glad you like her, master. She will be handy when others decide to come over and attack us. Lupus dear, can you scan the area for us and make sure we’re not in danger?”

Lupus: “humph, why don’t you do it yourself, bastard”

Gilles: “now now please no using bad language, mon Cherie”

Lupus: “By Anu, if it wasn’t for that cursed script I would have stripped your flesh from the bones and fed you to the vultures”

Gilles: “Lupus….”

Lupus sighed as she did as was ordered coming back to tell them there was no danger, well not yet. She looked at Ryuu as she spoke softly:

“And who might you be?”

Ryuunosuke had quietly observed his Servant conversing with the strange woman he referred to as “Lupus”, partially due to being unsure of what to make of her, but he also found it rather enjoyable seeing Caster speaking so comfortably with someone else aside from himself. After hearing the rather graphic threats that she spat at him, he decided that he liked Lupus. Fiesty women always were more to his tastes, and it seemed she was still (mostly) willing to do as his Servant asked of her. 

..Plus she was a shapeshifter. What’s not to love? 

His mind stumbled a little as she directed her gaze at him, and he bowed his head slightly.

"Uryuu Ryuunosuke, ma’am! I like killing stuff. And, uhh… I guess I’m this guy’s Master… or somethin’…" His words became more mumbled as he spoke. He still wasn’t really comfortable with this "Master and Servant" arrangement. Given he cared little to ask about what it entailed, he felt he and Caster were more suited to being close friends and partners. He rubbed the back of his neck. He never was too gifted with self introduction.

Unsure what else to say, he peered through his bangs at the plush, green surroundings. This certainly was a far cry from what he was used to back in the urban environment he lived and breathed in for many years. The air was so fresh that it seemed to sting his nostrils. His eyes turned back to his Servant with expectation.

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Ryuunosuke sniffed at the air. Due to his copious amounts of exposure to various bodily fluids, he failed to detect that the odour was coming from himself.

“…Huh. Can’t smell anythin’.” He said casually. He turned back to the “princely” figure and tilted his head at him. Was he a foreigner?

“So, what is it? Are ya some kinda vampire sniffing around for a snack?” He asked, only half joking. A cheeky grin appeared on his face.


“Hm, perhaps it’s just our surroundings then.” Leo said, his face still scrunched up due to the abhorrent smell surrounding the man. Other than the smell of blood. The prince smelt other scents surrounding the other.

Was he turning into a dog? No, his sense of smell was only the same as the others. 


“No.. the strong smell that came off of you and my curiosity lead me here Sir.”

Ryuunosuke’s eyebrows raised a little in surprise. He looked down at himself, twisting his body to try and figure out whether he’d left a stain somewhere he’d missed. He thought he’d showered and washed his clothes recently enough….

"Oh, it’s me? I guess what I do is pretty messy work…” He said, chuckling. Clearly it didn’t bother him too much. At least not with this particular person. If he were speaking to a pretty girl, that would be a very different matter in his eyes. He craned his neck to get a closer look at the young, fresh face that was staring back at him. It was hard to gauge what he could be thinking behind those large green eyes. And he didn’t see foreigners often, so it was somewhat similar to observing a rare species.

"You don’t look like you’re from around here. You a westerner?"

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Leo’s face contorts at the smell of blood. The smell that was coming right from the man in front of him. “No, it’s alright. I just thought I smelt blood somewhere and it lead me here.”

Ryuunosuke sniffed at the air. Due to his copious amounts of exposure to various bodily fluids, he failed to detect that the odour was coming from himself.

"…Huh. Can’t smell anythin’." He said casually. He turned back to the "princely" figure and tilted his head at him. Was he a foreigner?

"So, what is it? Are ya some kinda vampire sniffing around for a snack?" He asked, only half joking. A cheeky grin appeared on his face.

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Gilles and Ryuu [Alternate Universe RP with askuryuu


It was simple, she was no ordinary human being, hell she was not even human just that she has a human figure to her as she glanced toward Uryuu and tsked again. 


Gilles: “We need transportation to France”

Lupus: “get on a damn plane, why me?

Gilles: “becuase you’re gonna protect us from the others who are after my master”

She pouted as she sighed, her eyes looking at the two as muscles and bones began to rearrange themselves, from she was growing much large then her feminine figure, her mouth changing to a snout, wings erupting from her shoulder blades and skin falling to reveal scaly figures, she sighed as she looked at the two, she was breathing smoke from her nostrils now, yes a majestic dragon indeed as she lowered her neck of course she was cursing them but as long as they had the manuscript they where safe from her. When they do ride she would merely break the ceiling of the cathedral to make way from herself sheltering them from the debris by her wings before finally lifting off and heading toward the destination they needed. 

Gilles: “Master, she’s a shapeshifter”

Ryuunosuke cast his eyes over the ‘woman’ as her form twisted and pulsed in front of his eyes. The rearrangement of her structure caused him to surge with excitement. If only he could see this all happening beneath her flesh. As the movements of her body settled, and a dragon was left standing in her place, he let out an amazed gasp. It would be impossible not to be amazed by such a spectacle, especially when it involved an image thought to only be in fairy tales.

"A-awesome….! We’re gonna ride it?! Um… How do I even get on…?" He garbled as he stepped closer. He hesitated as he was confronted by the intense heat and smoke flaring from her nostrils, and the rather offended look in the beast’s eyes. He gingerly stepped away from its head, and set about scrambling up her back, sitting at the base of her neck. "Pretty bumpy…" He mused.

After the almighty crash as the dragon-woman pierced through the ceiling, he looked towards Caster that was sitting behind him, a beaming smile on his face. “Shapeshifter, huh? You have some pretty cool friends!” He began to wobble a little on the unstable surface he was sitting on once he’d turned part of his body around, and hastily grabbed at Caster’s cloak for stability.

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"Well, they’ve tried…"
OOC: Naked/Half-naked Jeanne seems to be a recurring thing. Should I be worried?
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"Well, they’ve tried…"

OOC: Naked/Half-naked Jeanne seems to be a recurring thing. Should I be worried?

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Ryuunosuke blinked at the rather gaudily-dressed figure with mild curiosity.

"Can I help ya?"


Gilles was nodding to his master, indeed France was his home but there was another reason he wanted to go to these two countries, rumors where the demon warlord was moving between these two places, there was a lot of cannibalism happening in France and the MO was the same. Healthy young male, no children, and all had a butler with a toothy grin before he disappeared and they became dinner. It was gory details but Gilles was surprised not to hear of another different information. These two traveled together, he had seen them in his life and truth was if Ryuu really liked the darkness, the warlord was something Ryuu might be interested in as he smiled softly and was looking toward him:

“Then I will do the summoning now of our transport”

Per scriptum ANUBIS,

et profanum sacramentum sumpsit,

Invocavero te exaudi me

es telo servus meus es tu,

Egressus igitur surge et ianitor ore gladii,

et ostende nobis egressus est,

Ego, Gilles de Rais, constringo vos a contractu.

Exite, Illuminati Lupus

[By the script of Anubis,

and the unholy oath you took,

I call upon thee to answer me,

you are my weapon, you are my servant,

come forth, rise, keeper of the sword,

come forth and show us the way,

I, gilles de rais, bind you by the contract.

Come forth, Illuminati Lupus]

The place began to shiver an alchemic circle appearing before them, oh she was going to be pissed off for being summoned by the damn manuscript that she was bound by, the female with lavender hair and eyes was looking at Gilles with utmost disgust and anger but she sighed:

“You’d better give me a god damn good reason for binding me to that cursed contract or I will slit your throat.”

Ryuunosuke felt an intense shudder run through him as the atmosphere itself began to twist and change shape, the walls bathed in intense light. His eyes were transfixed upon the summoning circle that seemed to creep up from the floor, and within just a few moments, a figure of a woman appeared from it. It was easy to tell from a glance that she wasn’t your average human. His mouth opened agape. He hadn’t seen Caster summon other people before, so it excited him that such a thing was possible.

"C-cool…!" He exclaimed, his eyes widened. He quickly closed his mouth again once the strange woman opened hers to spit rather poisonous words at his Servant. He quietly pondered how summoning a person was supposed to create a means of travel to another country.

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The simple thumping of footsteps echoed in the dark room, black chameleon eyes shown through the dim light of this room. The smile that came from the servant was known to bring even the bravest of men to their knees. Gilles De Rais, a name that had made history not only as the world’s most cunning man but the deadliest killer there was. A book in his hand made of human skin. Pralati. A pain in the butt of a book that devoured innocent souls without a second thought.

“master, we need to move again”

The barrier he placed on the lair was starting to crumble, the souls in this society had dwindled and it was time to move again, time to hit another city as he smiled again that creepy smile. His voice was actually hoarse from not talking for a while now. Smiling again he would wait for his master to get the masterpiece done with:

“Master… may I suggest we move to England or France?”

Ryuunosuke pinched the shoulder muscle that was ailing him, turning around to look at his Servant properly.

"England or France, huh…." His grip loosened, and he leant against the table he was working on, sliding a hand over one of the victim’s scarred thighs. The flesh flinched in alarm against his touch. He smiled faintly with delight.

"…This kinda feels like my home though, y’know? I feel like I could relax in any house in this city. It’s our territory to play with…" His voice sounded slightly sad, thinking about leaving the place he’d worked so hard on.
He seemed to think hard for a moment, then his dark eyes turned back to Caster.

"I guess it would be pretty fun to try somewhere new. The West have cultures so different from ours. Maybe we could be the next Jack the Ripper duo if we made England our new playground!” He laughed lightly,  thoroughly enjoying the idea.

"…But France is your home, right? It only seems fair to pay it a visit, at least. Besides, I wanna see what your country was like.” His face was suddenly full of vigor as he talked. Caster was someone with no end to his mysteries for Ryuunosuke, so a chance to learn more about his previous “work” excited him greatly.

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